Earth Rights

‘Every human being is an artist, a freedom being called to participate in transforming and reshaping the conditions, thinking and structures that shape and inform our lives’ Joseph Beuys

“Myths and stories help us to re-enchant the land, to see it not just as something that is valuable to us as a species, not merely a backdrop for human activity, but as carrying meaning of its own, something powerful and somehow sacred.”
Sharon Blackie

In spring 2016 Jo was asked to contribute to the earth rights convergence called Symbiosis along with three other artists with a brief to explore the theme of the event and to create spaces which would encourage individuals to connect with the natural world. The day event was held at Hamilton House, Bristol and organised and curated by Coresist ( The artists were asked to reside and exhibit in the gallery during the following week in order to encourage others to participate and dialogue about the relationship we have to the natural world and the rights of the earth.


‘When, at long last, we gaze into our own depths we see the same kind of enchantment and resilience we see in undisturbed nature. And when we journey far enough from the routines of our civilised lives – in space or in cultural distance, far enough, that is, into wilderness – we see reflected back to us the essential qualities of our deepest selves.’
Bill Plotkin

Gender and protection of the earth

The relationship between people and land is a reoccurring motif in Jo’s work. She is exploring questions of gender in relation to the land. How do we understand our symbiosis with the natural world?

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