High Noon – Woodland

07-07-2018 All day
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High Noon – Woodland is an artist led creative retreat; an invitation to women who find themselves in a challenging phase of life, questioning who they really are and are feeling a shift towards wanting to live a more authentic and deeply-connected life. Set in the beautiful landscape of the Chew Valley just south of Bristol, this day* retreat offers a safe space for individuals to discover powerful ways to use art as a tool for personal transformation, reconnection with nature and to journey with others through this process in a small group setting.

The art itself is immersive and guided, taking the participants through stages of diverse and engaging activities which draw on the instincts and encourage freedom of expression. No previous art experience or skills are needed to take part – it is about allowing women the time and space to immerse themselves. Participants will learn to prepare the raw, organic materials that are indigenous to the woodland itself and to use, not just their hands, but the furthest reaches of their weary limbs to remember who they are again.

The day retreat begins at noon and runs until midnight. This time frame allows the different creative elements to mirror the transition of the day from high noon through to high moon. When the darkness draws in participants will be invited to powerfully interact with a fusion of organic and digitally projected images drawn from their own artwork to create forms that depict the essence of true wildishness.

* The retreat officially runs from 12.00 midday until 12.00 midnight therefore participants are welcome to stay overnight under shelter near a fire or return home after the main part of the event (after 11pm). Lunch, evening meal, refreshments (and a light breakfast for those staying overnight) will be included. £5 donation paid on the day for optional overnight stay and light breakfast.

Please note the overnight stay is a wild camping option not glamping. However the camp is well set up with temporary shelter, fire, camp-cook area, running water and a private compost loo. It is possible for participants to bring their own tent and camp if they prefer. Wild camping by the fire is highly recommended though.

Cost:  This event usually has a staggered cost of £110/£145 but please email if you can’t afford this as funding may be available.