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High Noon – the Art of Departure event explores the relationship between nature and essential aspects of self in transition – identity, ego, the sub-conscious, soul, masculine and feminine. For this special event, environmental performance artist Jo Bushell has teamed up with the psychologist, Jonathan Stott, to explore the individual in transition in the context of a planet in transition.

An event exploring the themes of High Noon will be running at the CREATE centre, Spike Island, Bristol on Saturday 12/05/18

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High Noon – the art of departure is an environmental art event exploring work from Jo Bushell’s immersive High Noon Woodland retreats; run over the last two and a half years in woodlands close to Bristol and in Devon with small groups of 4 to 6 people.  Drawing on Jungian psychology, mythology and environmental art, the afternoon event will use various mediums including photographic work, dialogue, an artist’s talk and interactive art using natural materials to entertain, provoke thinking and provide a safe place to explore personal transitions.

An exhibition exploring the work and themes of High Noon will be running at the Create Centre, Spike Island, Bristol from Saturday 12/05/18 until Friday 18/05/18

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“It is high noon and you find yourself in unfamiliar territory – in the borderland between the way of life that once served you well and this uncertainty that both haunts and entices you. There has come a point in your life where you can no longer ignore the fact that something has shifted and it is causing a separation from all that you previously thought you were. This place takes no hostages – it is for you to choose if you stay until the sun sets and the shadows dance wildly across the forest floor, or if you return to the relative safety of the familiar” Jo Bushell, High Noon


“We carry an individual, authentic and creative flame but the sky is darkening and the fog is thick. It is hard to find a way” Jonathan Stott


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