Live Art

‘Touch and impression are key elements of the scene of awakening’ Jeannie Kerswell

As a live artist, Jo believes in the transformative nature of art – the potential for art to transform individuals and society. She believes that the action itself, if enacted with intention, has a powerful effect on the participant(s). Her performances, although mostly instinctual responses to a space/ landscape, are strongly grounded in research.

Jo’s works are process-orientated (see also Process ). If materials are used they are indigenous, organic materials which she gathers and prepares or objects which have personal meaning either to her or to those who occupy or have occupied the landscape.

Throughout her practice she has held a fascination for the temporary nature of live art and, in particular, the ephemeral nature of shadows and projected images often interacting with them to create fleeting, manipulated forms. Shadows and the interplay between light and dark also reference her interest in Jungian theory and the process of psychological transitions – shadows being the embodiment of repressed psyche. In her more recent practice she has developed a method of fusing use of organic materials with the use of shadows/projection applying it to forms or movement within a specific space.

‘Art can no longer be art today if it does not reach into the heart of our present culture and work transformatively within it, that is, an art which cannot mould society – and through this naturally operate upon the core questions of our society – is not art’. Beuys

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