Projected image
Projected image has played a part in Jo’s practice since the early 90’s when she used to perform using silhouette against back-projected images created with handmade slides. This fascination in how projected light transforms spaces, landscapes and form still features strongly in her current work as it allows her to connect the previously unconnected and to merge the solid form with ethereal and temporary movement. It echoes the underlying connectedness between all matter; between humans and the natural world; between what was and what is; between the conscious and the subconscious; between feminine and masculine aspect (all themes of her work).

Off-grid technology
Jo has been fortunate enough to work in partnership with sustainable energy specialists, 361Energy, on a project which introduced school children to sustainable technology through the arts. Whilst working on the project she learned how to run green-screen technology powered by solar energy. As a result of this invaluable experience (and later research and development funding) Jo is now able to run her digital and old- school technology through her own solar, off-grid kit. This has had a massive impact on her practice as she is now able to create site-specific projections in wild landscapes such as woodlands and coastal locations or bring her organic projections right into urban landscapes. Jo stores solar energy into leisure batteries so that the projected image uses the suns energy to project under the night skies echoing the connectedness one step further.


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