Personal Mythology

‘What we need is not unexamined ‘truths’ but living myth, that is, a structure of value which guides the soul’s energies in a way that is consistent with our nature. While it is often useful to pick through the rubble of the past for images which speak to us as individuals, rarely is it possible to wholly embrace the mythologies of another time and place. We are obliged to find our own’
James Hollis

Whilst drawing on myth and heritage to inform her work; Jo is also exploring the importance of personal mythology which she believes to come from interaction with our environment, significant motifs that are imbedded in our memories, images that a person encounters through soul craft techniques, influences of culture, faith and family, use of the imagination and creative practice. She believes that working on our personal mythology is an act of retrieval – unearthing imagery to use as a platform for navigating personal transition through the practice of art.
Art practice that draws on personal mythology in order to create moments of authentic and powerful exchange between the artist and her wider community.

‘Art might originate in personal experience yet also address universal artistic, political and social ideas’
Joseph Beuys

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