Jo often explores the use cyclical processes which begin and end in the same place like a gateway to an experience that also is the point of departure. This echoes the seasons of the natural world; life/death/life cycle; the telling and retelling of stories; psychological cycles of behaviour etc. She sees cyclical processes as subversive within a culture based on the idea of linear progress – ever increasing gains that strain forward.


Her work often includes the process of making or preparing; for instance, gathering/digging up and preparing organic materials – the action is in itself part of the art work.


Although some of the process is pre-planned, it also relies on instinct to direct the course of events.


As a site-specific artist, she observes, connects and then responds to an environment. Research is also an importantpart of the process – history affecting present form.


Her work is also people-specific in that she also observes, connects and responds to people within a given environment and encourages her participants to respond in turn to the space that they are temporarily occupying.


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