‘…our culture has lost its mythical road map which helps locate a person in a larger context.  Without a tribal vision of the gods, and their spiritual network, modern individuals are cut adrift to wander without guidance, without models and without assistance through the various life stages.  Thus, the Middle Passage, which calls for death before rebirth, is often experienced in frightening and isolating ways, for there are no rites of passage and little help from one’s peers who are equally adrift.’ 

James Hollis, The Middle Passage

Can performance art play a part in aiding our transitional life-journeys? Drawing on elements of oral tradition, theories of Carl Jung and soul-craft methods; a group of individuals are guided through a land-based rite of passage performance process – a series of immersive activities that track the sequence of the day into the night and simultaneously track our decent and return through internal transition.
Jo’s approach draws on Jungian theory and the work of Clarissa Pincola Estes, Sharon Blackie, Mary Oliver, James Hollis, Bill Plotkin, Joseph Campbell, Thomas Moore, David Whyte and Richard Rohr.

‘Man is only truly alive when he realises he is a creative, artistic being…’ Beuys

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